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Bangladesh Women in Technology (BWIT) is dedicated to mobilizing women involved in all levels of the technology industry and to create a wide range of professional development and networking opportunities for growth of its constituents and to make meaningful contribution in the growth of Bangladesh. Our goal is to create a Forum where women in technology can be recognized and promoted; and to encourage young women to participate in the technology industry as professionals and entrepreneurs providing leadership. Presently, women professionals and entrepreneurs do exist and are making significant contributions in their individual capacity in various institutions and fields. This Forum will be a collective expression of their talent in providing leadership in bringing larger numbers of women into this field. Under the Government “Digital Bangladesh” policy and the thrust sector initiative an atmosphere exists for accelerated growth and meaningful engagement through active interaction. The Forum will endeavor to stretch across sectors and professions with the intention of harnessing powerful ideas, solutions and suggestions for women’s development and for national development. Gender balance finds special mention in Bangladesh constitution and is an essential part of economic and social policy. Women must play an effective part in securing real gender equality and in anchoring the gains made so far. The Forum believes in inclusive growth and will strategize accordingly using best of breed models. It has to be realized that with increased enrollment of girls in schools and remarkable performance in higher studies, professional women will have to shoulder leadership of the nation. Therefore, the positioning of present leaders and promotion of role models has become imperative. With proliferation of the web it is possible to harness the power of the social media to access Bangladesh women professionals at home or anywhere in the world and to engage with women in technology worldwide. The largest global corporations in the field are supportive and will engage through corporate citizenship. Similarly key international institutions that engage in third world growth will be accessed.

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